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Our philosophy at LSMSA is that all students should graduate with an impressive resume of accomplishments that go beyond the diploma itself, helping to increase the likelihood for the best scholarships. A strong resume' will be supported by a list of high-level accomplishments, which start with student goal setting and seeking out opportunities.

Many new and returning students elect to get ahead in their coursework by taking some classes in the summer.
Additionally, students may elect to conduct research internally or at a university over the summer. Dr. Chris Hynes works with students who desire summer internships by identifying specific locations or research areas that fit with their goals or career interests.

Graduation with Distinction

Graduation with Distinction is a recognition of a student's accomplishments that requires planning and achievement beyond the LSMSA classroom. Students who apply for and pursue their individual contract for distinction in a particular area must complete a myriad of advanced courses, maintain a 3.6 grade point average in the courses specific to their discipline and have no grade below a B. These students must successfully complete either a research project, performance/exhibition, portfolio or a comprehensive examination. Their independent efforts culminate in a public presentation during Blue and Gold Week where they defend their work, with an opportunity for answering questions from attending faculty, students and guests. Students generally apply for Graduation with Distinction during their junior year.

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  • Sampling of Recent Graduation with Distinction Papers

    "Translating Silence: Exploring the Mathematics Behind Neural Networks for ASL Translation" by Layla Burton, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Olaseni Fadipe

    "Breaking Beauty Barriers: The Inclusivity Movement in the Beauty Industry" by Taylor Citizen, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kelly Lankford

    "Rhetoric from Classical through Late Antiquity as a Response to Socio-Cultural Anxieties" by Cody Williams, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Morris Tichenor

    "The Mathematics of Shapes and their Role in Science, Artwork, and Technology" by Julian Vertigan, Faculty Mentor: Mr. David Andersen

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