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Let us guide you to collegiate success.

The College Counseling Center is here to support you in your quest to find the perfect college and to compete for a variety of scholarships. The Counseling Center offers an array of programs, workshops and services. The center provides students with academic support and a comprehensive college counseling program. The College Counseling Center is located in room 220 of the High School Building.

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  • Career Counseling

    The College Counseling Center provides students with seminars designed to explore student interest, values, aptitude and background. The center assists students along the career path to match these variables with how they wish to live their lives. Working with students to develop an understanding of themselves and practical steps for students to take in furthering their understanding of self is a vital role of the College Counseling Center. Ultimately, the counselors work with students in matching their developing interests with a career field that is intrinsically interesting and satisfying.

    Of the many factors that contribute to students making the best career and college choices, an understanding of personality type is among the most useful. Traditionally, the emphasis has been placed on helping students identify their interests, skills and values. Because these variables fluctuate, counselors have learned that the key to finding the best college and career for all students is using their natural strengths and becoming aware of their natural blind spots. Naviance provides "Self-Discovery," an innovative personality type assessment system that helps students learn more about themselves and assists counselors in guiding students and families about post-secondary opportunities. The College Counseling Center utilizes this assessment as a very large first step in the process of career development.
  • College Counseling

    The College Counseling Center offers a comprehensive college counseling program. Counselors provide information about colleges and scholarships through the College Planning Seminar Class, college fairs, individual college visits, financial aid guidance, and individual appointments upon request. Counselors individually advise and collaborate with students on issues of college admission and scholarships beginning in the spring of the junior year. During the senior year, counselors write individual letters of recommendation for each of their students, complete multiple evaluations and school reports, and support students in the decision-making process. Students are encouraged to work closely with their counselor at this time to assure that applications and supporting documents, including transcripts, are sent in a timely fashion.
  • Important numbers for CURRENT LSMSA students

    As you complete test registrations and a myriad of other forms, you will be asked for the following:

    LSMSA High School Code: 191917
    TOPS ACT Code: 1595
    TOPS SAT Code: 9019

College Counseling Staff

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  • Photo of Katie Summerell

    Katie Summerell MA, PLPC 

    Director of College Counseling Center
    Office: 318-357-2514
  • Photo of Leah Lentz

    Leah Lentz MA, LPC, NCC, NCSC 

    Lead College Counselor & AP Coordinator
    Office: 318-357-2502
  • Photo of Bonnie Rutledge

    Bonnie Rutledge 

    Administrative Coordinator - College Counseling Center
    Office: 318-357-2502