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Below are the course offerings for Summer 2019. During the registration process, you will be asked to designate one for each period. Not all courses are offered each week. Please read the descriptions for each course for more details. Use this chart to help you schedule your courses.

Summer 2019 Camp Course Offerings

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  • Acting Technique

    By working with short scripted material, campers will develop their abilities in script analysis, beat development, objective, motivation, and playing actions. Actors will have minor memorization requirements during the week. Improve your acting skills and learn new ones in a fun and safe environment.
    Sessions 2 & 3; Period 1
  • Beginning Ballet

    This course will explore classical ballet technique at the beginning level. Class will follow a traditional ballet class structure, beginning at the ballet barre before transitioning into center and across the floor combinations. No previous ballet experience is required to enjoy this class as this will be an introductory course into the world of classical ballet. However, intermediate and advanced students who are interested in focusing on technique are also welcome.
    Session 2; Period 2
  • Classical Music History

    This course will acquaint campers with music of the great composers through a combination of lecture and listening. Some class time will include music of other styles. Towards the end of the week, campers will have the opportunity to present and discuss a musical selection of any type.
    Sessions 1 & 3; Period 1
  • Creative Writing

    A creative mindset is all you need as we engage in activities that will exercise your imagination. This Creative Writing course is an introduction to the genres of poetry and fiction. Campers will focus on specific skills such as imagery and dialogue throughout the week, ultimately producing as a group a chapbook of their work.
    Session 1; Period 3
  • Cultural Anthropology

    In this course, we will take a look at the everyday life of different human societies around the world and their development. We will explore different aspects of diversity and the complexity of social phenomena while discussing the concepts and approaches used by anthropologists in understanding socio-cultural variation.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 1
  • Dance Improvisation

    So you think you can dance? This course will help campers explore ways to spontaneously create movement in the moment through fun improvisational games. Build self-confidence, create joy, and find your “flow” as you create community within a dance class. No previous dance experience is needed to enjoy this course.
    Session 2; Period 1
  • Data Analysis Using Excel

    This Data Analysis course will introduce campers to the basic concepts of statistics in a data-driven fashion. Topics to be covered include variables, variable classification, data collection, data summary or organization, visual displays, and contingency tables. No previous experience necessary.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 1
  • Discover Natchitoches

    Established in 1714, Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement within the Louisiana Purchase. Hop in and buckle up as we explore the area, take in the grandeur of Natchitoches, and learn about some of the region's most historic and picturesque sites.
    Session 3; Period 2
  • Early Photography

    Imagery is everywhere! Campers will learn the basics of imagery and how photography has evolved over time by experiencing the camera obscura phenomenon. After constructing their own pinhole cameras, campers will have an opportunity to take and develop their own black and white images.
    Sessions 1 & 2; Period 2
  • Emerging Leaders

    This course will actively engage campers in leadership activity and development. Campers will gain experience and develop their skills working both as a team and individually in a group setting to accomplish collective tasks.
    Sessions 1 & 3; Period 1
  • Everyday Physics

    From a classroom-sized camera to rainbows and soap bubbles, campers will learn about color addition, the flow of energy in humans and other animals and in homes, geysers, cars, factories, cities, civilization, planets and in the universe. Campers will learn about the sounds of echoes, nature, music and speech. We will also learn about the radiation that enables cancer treatment, pasteurization, smoke detectors, supplies powers for pace makers and spaceships, and warms the interior of the Earth.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 2
  • Examining Improv

    This course will cover short form improvisational acting for comedic performances. Campers will develop improvisational skills by picking apart, working through and performing sketches from popular TV shows such as “Whose Line is it Anyway?,” “Party Quirks,” The Dating Game,” and “Genres.” All campers in the class will participate and perform in each sketch. Some acting experience or interest is recommended.
    Sessions 2 & 3; Period 2
  • Exploring the Natural World

    This course will explore the natural world around us. We will learn about our local environment and explore its biodiversity. Scientific skills such as water quality monitoring, biodiversity assessment and GPS (mapping technology) will be introduced. Closed-toe shoes and long pants are recommended for this course. Be ready to spend plenty of time outdoors.
    Session 3; Period 1
  • Extemporaneous Speaking

    Of all public speaking skills, the ability to speak eloquently on a random topic with little preparation is one of the most prized. Extemporaneous speaking is a limited-preparation speech event based on research and original analysis and is a popular event at High School Forensics competitions. Extemporaneous speech can help you achieve a more natural tone, flow and speaking style.
    Session 1; Period 2
  • Human Anatomy

    Come along as we take a tour through the structures and functions of the human body. We will explore skin, bones, muscles, blood and other components of the body. Be ready to learn about the fascinating, wonderful things your body does on a daily basis! We will complete our tour with the brain, which manages the rest of the body.
    Session 3; Period 3
  • Ikebana

    Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement. Campers will learn the history and techniques of two styles of Ikebana: Moribana and Nageire. They will also learn to identify various plants and flowers used in the art form. Since containers are an integral part of Ikebana, campers will learn how to recognize and use various containers and everyday objects to create beautiful floral arrangements.
    Session 1 & 3; Period 3
  • Imagination and Movement for the Actor

    All great actors have an overabundance of imagination. This course will involve a series of games and exercises designed to allow an actor's imagination to flourish. Improvisational and imaginative games developed by revered acting teachers such as Viola Spolin and Uta Hagen will be used during the course. Some acting experience or interest is recommended.
    Session 2; Period 3
  • Introduction to Large-Scale Painting

    This course will have campers creating new and vibrant works of art. Campers will have an opportunity to work individually and collaboratively to produce large scale works as they develop mural designs that showcase each person’s talents.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 2
  • Journalism Today

    Journalism is an evolving field that requires reporters to continuously adapt as new media emerges. This course will help young journalists improve their writing, research, and critical thinking skills while reporting the news in a variety of media outlets. We will explore newspaper reporting, radio announcing and broadcast news, where you will have an opportunity to participate in your own summer newscast!
    Session 1; Period 1
  • Marketing Mix

    Bring your creativity and good ideas as we dream up innovative ways to market your new product. In this course, campers will choose a new product, idea, or service and learn about different considerations when launching a corresponding marketing campaign. You can bring your own product idea or choose one provided by the instructor. At the end of the week, campers will have an opportunity to discuss their plans and pitch their problem-solving products, ideas, or services to potential “investors” in a shark-tank-like environment.
    Session 2; Period 1
  • Movie Making

    Lights, camera, action! In this course, campers will study excerpts of films from different genres and learn how music can influence our reactions to what is happening on screen. Campers will then have a chance to take the director’s chair as they work with others to develop a plot, script, and screenplay to create short films based off what they have learned.
    Sessions 2 & 3; Period 2
  • Musical Theater Dance

    This course will combine elements of a traditional jazz technique class while also exploring the world of musical theater. Class will have a beginning jazz warm-up, center phrases, traveling phrases, before ending with learning fun choreography in the musical theater genre. This course is great for campers interested in combining dance and theater.
    Session 2; Period 3
  • Piano for the Total Beginner

    Designed for campers with no music experience, the course will cover basics of music rotation and keyboard orientation, as well as playing an early-level repertoire.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 2
  • Piano Masterclass (Intermediate/Advanced)

    This course will be taught in a masterclass (group) format and is designed for students with several years of private piano instruction. Campers should bring their own scores for pieces they are already studying. Depending on enrollment and interest, the course may also include a music history/theory and piano literature component.
    Session 2; Period 1
  • Poetry Out Loud

    This course is an introduction to Poetry Out Loud, an international program that helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life by reciting, memorizing, and performing poetry.
    Session 1; Period 1
  • Psychology 101

    In this course, we’ll dive in to human behavior and the mind. Campers will learn more about their own personalities and the theories of several psychologists. We’ll explore topics such as behavioral psychology and personality disorders, counseling methods, and consider how our thoughts and behaviors are influenced by those around us.
    Session 1; Period 2 & Session 3; Period 1
  • Quantitative Reasoning

    This course is concerned with basic mathematics concepts like percents, rates, proportion, ratio, and averages, and their uses in the real-world. It also involves looking for the quantitative information that surrounds us and making sense of the information. If time permits, we will also cover the mathematics of loans.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 3
  • R Programming for Newbies

    R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. This hands-on course will start with a brief introduction to programming and proceed to the use of R as a calculator. It will also touch on R popularity and R Functions. A sound knowledge of R is of critical importance to careers in Data Science and analytics-driven organizations like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is utilized in finance, bio science, sports, retail, marketing and manufacturing. No previous experience necessary.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 2
  • Robotics

    Robots are all around us! Explore the multidisciplinary field of robotics and learn about the roles robots play in everyday life. In this course, you will have an opportunity to build and program robots using MindstormNXT while expanding your knowledge of circuitry and engineering.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 3
  • Seismic Engineering

    This course demonstrates the importance of acquiring and analyzing data to inform structural design decisions. Campers will use a simplified engineering design process to redesign an apartment building for improved safety during seismic activity then test their creations. The course covers principles of informed decision-making in construction, collecting and interpreting data, and failing forward.
    Sessions 1 & 2; Period 1
  • Sports Variety

    Focused on fun and sportsmanship, sharpen your skills and learn the fundamentals of a variety of lifelong sports. Campers will engage in activity in the LSMSA Gymnasium. Tennis shoes and athletic dress are required for this portion of the day.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 3
  • The Art of Escape Rooms

    Like puzzles? In this course you'll learn how to design your very own escape room. We will discuss the parts of the brain used in solving rooms and working on puzzles. You'll build out your own escape room scenario and clues and give other campers the chance to escape.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 3
  • Understanding Basic Music Theory

    A course for campers who already have some music background. Campers should know how to read music in treble and/or bass clef. We will cover notation of pitch in treble and bass clef, basic rhythmic notation and analysis and writing of intervals, scales and chords.
    Sessions 1, 2 & 3; Period 3

Summer Activities

Optional activities for campers will include Painting, Karaoke Hour, Introduction to Drawing, Rocket Science 101, Bowling, Introduction to Watercolor, Pool Party, Tie Dye, and so much more....