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The Work Service program has been a required activity for all LSMSA students since the school opened in the Fall of 1983.  This essential program  instills in students a sense of service and obligation to others, along with helping to meet the day-to-day needs of LSMSA through work in the school community.  It affords mentoring opportunities between students and LSMSA faculty and staff members.  Students contribute three hours of supervised work each week to LSMSA and successful completion of work service assignments is a graduation requirement for all students.

Sample Work Service Assignments include:
  • HSB Housekeeping
  • NSU Library
  • Dining Hall
  • NSU Elementary Lab School
  • Faculty assistant
  • Enrollment Services
  • LSMSA Foundation
  • Executive Offices
  • Academic Services
  • College Counseling Center
"Living on campus comes with a lot of freedom and independence, but on the flip side it also comes with more responsibility. Personally living on campus was extremely freeing and a great experience; especially since you get to experience a college atmosphere in high school."

Kaleb Atkinson (‘22)