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Engage in a unique opportunity.

When our students arrive at LSMSA, they bring with them diverse experiences, interests and talents. LSMSA helps students learn to live together in a diverse environment while emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility and choices. Our campus-wide activities range from casual and formal dances, to cultural celebrations, to athletic and recreational competitions. Our students develop leadership skills by joining student organizations, strengthen academic skills by attending time management workshops and deepen their commitment to serving others by volunteering throughout our local community.

"I would have to say that my favorite thing about being on campus is just the sheer amount of people who care. The teachers and the friends are amazing, but even beyond them there are so many awesome people that we often take for granted. There's the SLA who sends a heartfelt email when she can tell you're in a rough patch. The office staff that always have a bowl of candy and the world's most comfortable couch. The custodian who always has something uplifting to say in the hallway. LSMSA is all about community, and I can't wait to be back."

Aubrey Prewitt (‘21)
"LSMSA provides an experience like no other with friends for life."

Will Pugh (‘21)
"You get to create the environment you wish to be in and hang out with people with the same pursuits."

Landry Tucker (‘22)