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Addison Evans ('25) of Natchitoches interviews Instructor of English Dr. Kira Braham

Addison Evans ('25) of Natchitoches sits down with Dr. Kira Braham to talk about her love of literature, why she teaches, and what makes LSMSA stand out among other high schools. 
How long have you been at LSMSA?
I’m just starting my second year here at LSMSA.

What do you love the most about teaching at LSMSA?
I love the great conversations that I get to have in class with students. The students here are extremely smart. We get to have productive and intellectually challenging conversations in the classroom.

What is the most exciting experience you've had at LSMSA?
Aside from the everyday excitement of students’ conversations and when a student says something that I haven’t thought of, going to LSMSA concerts here is a very exciting experience. I was extremely impressed because we also have a very strong dance program. This year, the students even put on a performance based off of CLUE.

What would students be surprised to know about you?
Something students may be surprised to know about me is that although I’m an English teacher, I watch a lot of TV. I’m a huge fan of TV with some of my favorites being sci-fi, British detective shows, Top Chef and various cooking shows.

What do you love about teaching in general and why do you love teaching English/ Literature classes?
What I love about teaching in general is that I can keep learning things. It can be boring teaching the same material, so I get to introduce new things. This is especially true for English because I’m an avid reader. The opportunity to read new things and talk about them is something I really enjoy. When you get to talk about what you read with other people, it makes the entire experience so much more fun. Getting other people’s insights on something you may not have thought is beneficial and helpful.

What life advice would you want your students to know?
I would say don’t get settled down too soon on what you want to do in life. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things. I also think knowing what you love early on and sticking with itis good. One of my biggest regrets is that I wish I had found what I love sooner. Don’t be afraid to find something you love and go for it.

What would you like to say to LSMSA donors? Why is their donation important?
I would tell LSMSA donors that their donations greatly contribute to benefiting the school. We have a very different, and special, curriculum in terms of a high school curriculum. Almost every teacher here has a PhD in their field, which means we bring a lot of expertise into the classroom, and we have the liberty to teach special classes that students wouldn’t have the opportunity to take anywhere else. Donations are important because they help make a stronger learning environment with more resources.

What is your favorite class to teach specifically?
My favorite class to teach is British Literature because I’m a British Literature specialist. In the class, we go from all the way to the medieval period to contemporary literature. The reason I like it so much is because I get to read a huge range of literature that I haven’t always had the opportunity to read. I love it because it allows me to learn the most.

Why do you feel that a Louisiana School education is beneficial to students?
A Louisiana School education is beneficial to students because it prepares them for college. None of our students will ever be surprised when they get into a college classroom. Students at the Louisiana School are used to having to take more initiative and the workload. With the various programs LSMSA has to offer, there are resources for everyone.


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