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A word from the Eagles' nest - December 2022

from the desk of Executive Director Dr. Steve Horton
Finals have been taken, grades are submitted, students are home, and Mrs. Annie is packing up the bookroom. I think we can all agree that in some ways it feels like August was thirty minutes ago and in other ways it feels like it was thirty years ago...but the end of the semester is here, and we are grateful for so much normalcy.

From school dances to in-person traditions like Matriculation, performances, and Eagle Stock, we've truly been able to get back into the swing of things while keeping our LSMSA family safe and healthy. We know things would look much different without generous supporters like you, so please accept our heartfelt thanks for making sure we can provide a quality education for these high-achieving students.

The school will be closed for winter break until January 9, when Special Projects Week will commence. Students have some exciting options to look forward to this year -- Black Holes, Pandemics and More; The Age of Espionage: From the Earl of Essex to Edward Snowden; Sports Analytics and Winning Strategies; The Joy of Cooking; and Title IX and Its Effect on Modern Sports, to name a few. As always, we are so grateful to have instructors who set such strong examples for our students to think outside of the box and to never stop learning.

I wish you all a wonderful, special holiday season with your loved ones. Thank you for being part of the LSMSA family!

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