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Reasons to make year-end charitable donations

There are many good reasons to give to LSMSA at this time of year, including making an impact in our student’s lives, benefiting from financial advantages, and gaining personal satisfaction.

#1 Student Impact - One of our students, Manasi, explains what your donations to LSMSA mean to her.
“LSMSA gives students the opportunity to take part in multiple academic ventures like the Future Scientist Program (FSP), Artist in Training program (AIT), and allows for us to pursue an Associate Degree (AGS) at the same time as our high school diploma.”

- Manasi Desai

# 2 Financial Advantages – Employer Matching Programs
You may be able take advantage of employer matching programs to multiply your gift and its impact. Many employers match charitable donations, although they may place limits and deadlines on charitable matches, such as Dec. 31. You might be able to get a match even if you’re not currently an employee—many employers match donations given by an employee’s spouse or a retired employee. Some companies match at rates of two or three times what’s given by an employee. Check with your HR department to find out your company’s rules and match rate.

#3 Financial Advantages – Generate Tax Deductions
IRS rules have changed for 2022, so check with your tax advisor to see if your donations will qualify.

# 4 – Personal Satisfaction
Giving feels good.

Give today to make a difference in students' lives!

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