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1983 Society Spotlight: Tesia Stanaland Campbell (’97)

LSMSA is a family tradition for Raceland, Louisiana native Tesia Stanaland Campbell (’97). With sisters who graduated in 1993 and 1996, the family originally learned about the school from a presentation in Central Lafourche. After being bullied for being different and finding classes at her home school unchallenging, Tesia’s hopes that she would be accepted for being smart at LSMSA were confirmed once she attended.
“I made so many close friends at Louisiana School,” reflects Tesia. “I truly felt like I had found my home.”
With dreams of becoming a college professor, Tesia received her bachelor’s degree in math before working at NASA as a radiation engineer and earning her graduate degree in physics. After having the unique experience of being an expert in the oil and gas industry in her twenties, she began teaching physics in both the high school and college setting along with high school engineering, allowing her to combine teaching, math, and physics – three of her strongest interests.
“I really enjoy the experience and challenge of working with high school and college students,” says Tesia. “It’s both interesting and rewarding to support students emotionally and as they prepare for their professional lives.”
Not only does Tesia continue to support LSMSA so that others will have the opportunities that she did, her daughter Anastasia Albarado will attend LSMSA in the fall as a sophomore -- truly keeping those family ties strong.
“Louisiana School exposed me to possibilities I never even imagined were out there,” says Tesia. “I want students who lack support at home to be able to find that at LSMSA.” 

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