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LSMSA senior places in Jostens Photo Contest

LSMSA senior Lily St. Amant of Ruston recently placed third in the 2022 Jostens Photo Contest, a premier student photography competition. Jostens is primarily known for its production of yearbooks and class rings for various high schools and colleges. This year's photo contest had 4,287 entries. St. Amant initially created her entry for her Photography II class as part of a series focused on displaying emotions through color, facial expression, and lighting.
“I am infinitely grateful to have placed in this contest, and I genuinely couldn’t have done so had it not been for the guidance of my incredible photography teacher and mentor Marcus Journey, as well as the constant encouragement and constructive criticism from my wonderful art classmates and friends,” said St. Amant. “I am so grateful for the joy and fulfillment that my creative work brings me every single day, and for the creative and intellectual growth that I have experienced in these past two years at LSMSA.”
“Right now we have a lot of friendly competition in the Music Arts Building, with students taking risks, researching contemporary artists, and learning the language of critique,” said Marcus Journey, Associate Lecturer of Visual Arts, who added that St. Amant is always open to criticism, and is continually revisiting and improving her photographs.
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