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1983 Society member John Normand ('89) supports LSMSA from across the pond

Bunkie, La. native, England resident and 1983 Society member John Normand (‘89) continues to give back to LSMSA for a very simple reason: the school provided opportunities he never knew existed.
“At LSMSA I was surrounded by people whose talents and differences made them interesting rather than odd,” he said. “There’s a lot of self-confidence that comes from being valued for what you take pride in yourself.”

Between getting to meet different people, being introduced to a wider variety of majors, and  being able to consider colleges he’d never heard of, John is still grateful to LSMSA for exposing him and encouraging him to pursue new, transformational opportunities. 

After starting at Rice and completing his undergraduate degree in Economics from Georgetown, John earned his Master’s in Economics & Public Policy from Princeton. His pursuit of the opportunities afforded to him eventually led John to work his way up at global financial services leader JP Morgan from Emerging Markets FX Strategist in New York to Head of Cross-Asset Strategy in London, where has just retired after 24 years of service. In September, John will start a Master’s in Philosophy at London School of Economics.

Involved with the Foundation for many years, John has served on the Board as both trustee and treasurer, hosting two international events for the school. He has supported the school as a 1983 Society member since 2010, and in 2019, he was honored with the WIngspan Award. 

“I prioritize giving back to LSMSA because the impact of any sum is massive at the high school level, especially compared to what moves the needle at a university,” says John.


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