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LSMSA Seniors Offer Perspective on Hybrid Learning

Lucy Silverman ('21) and Jayden "Juno" Gray ('21) enjoyed being back on campus with the Gold Cohort after learning virtually last spring and fall.
Even though students aren't able to room together under Covid-19 guidelines, the best friends both say they function better in LSMSA's living/learning environment, and are even getting to know different friends because of the cohort situation. Because of donors' generous contributions, Lucy, Juno and their classmates were able to pivot to distance learning when the state locked down in March 2020 to control the high rate of Covid-19 infections.  

"I'm glad we could do virtual learning as opposed to nothing at all," said Lucy. "But I definitely work and learn better in person and on campus." The Baton Rouge native plans to major in biochemistry but hasn't yet made a final college decision.

Juno, who was recently accepted into her dream school -- Duke Kunshan University in China -- learned that although she sometimes lost focus with household interruptions, she also didn't hate virtual instruction. 

"Online class actually made me realize I could thrive in a partially remote work environment someday," said Juno. 

In spite of different learning styles, both seniors were glad for the unexpected extra sibling-, pet- and driving time in 2020, but agree that they're looking forward to the senior cohort the last five weeks of the semester.  

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