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1983 Society Member Angela Durden (‘96): Helping Eagles Change the World

1983 Society member Angela Durden, MD (‘96) would never tell you this, but her superpower is doing whatever it takes to resolve needs when she sees them.
That’s why the president and co-owner of Yellowstone Pathology Institute knew it was necessary to expand their lab to develop and perform COVID-19 PCR tests for the city of Billings, Montana and surrounding rural communities in Southern Montana.

“It’s nice to be able to use my training to provide a much-needed service during this pandemic,” said Durden, “and it’s also wonderful to be able to serve people who may have limited access to healthcare.” 

A self-proclaimed army brat, Durden went to LSMSA from Haughton High School. She chose to specialize in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in medical school because it demands her to keep learning, and because her work gives real solutions to medical questions.

“Having to know a little something about everything in medicine makes my work fun and challenging,” said Durden. “And a lot of times, the buck stops with me. Lab tests and pathology results provide concrete and actionable information to help solve complex medical questions.”

Durden has always liked to put her energy toward where she can make the most impact, including prioritizing contributions to Louisiana School, where her interest in lifelong learning was sparked.

“I give to LSMSA because I know from experience that every dollar goes to help good students who can change the world,” said the 1983 Society member.

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