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2019 Connections Weekend Panelists Named

Fourteen graduates chosen to speak.
Connections Weekend gives graduates the opportunity to speak with current students about college and career choices and offer some life advice as individuals who know what it means to be a student at LSMSA. The following 14 graduates will participate in a panel discussion on Friday, October 18, at 7 p.m. in Treen Auditorium followed by individual sessions for interested students on Saturday morning. The panel discussion will be streamed live at livestream.com/LSMSA

Jay Bienvenu ('93)
From Lafayette, LA now living in Independence, LA
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Electrical Engineering - ULL
      Master's in Telecommunications - ULL
Speaking Topic: Documentation and information tips and techniques that can be used in every facet of life.
Jonathan Billiot ('09)
From Houma, LA now living in Austin, TX
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Gates Millennium Scholar
      Quadruple Major - Baylor University
Speaking Topic: Ten things I wish I'd learned ten years ago.
Emily Brumfield ('03)
From Mandeville, LA now living in New Orleans, LA
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: 
       Cell & Molecular Biology; Spanish - Tulane
       Medical Doctorate - Tulane School of Medicine
Speaking Topic: Channeling your passions into service, regardless of career choice
Beth Colvin ('98)
From Doyline, LA now living in 
Tallahassee, FL
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Journalism and Master's in History - LA Tech
      Master's of Library and Information Science - LSU
Speaking Topic: Facing challenges; dealing with imposter syndrome of course; being comfortable with yourself.
Lindsay Elliot-Smith ('08)
From Alexandria, LA now living in
 Cleveland, OH
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      English and Spanish - LSU
      JD and Graduate Diploma - LSU
Speaking Topic: Overcoming anxiety and creating your own paths to success.
Clifford Foster ('07)
From Natchitoches, LA now living in C
hicago, IL
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Accounting - Oglethorpe University
      MBA - Harvard Business School
Speaking Topic: How digital advertising powers the internet
Sara Hebert ('02)
From Abbeville, LA now living in 
Shreveport, LA
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Studio Art and Communications - Centenary College
      Master's in Digital Media Studies - University of Denver
Speaking Topic: Staying is the new leaving.
Christopher Jay ('98)
From Sarepta, LA now living in
 Shreveport, LA
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Professional Writing - Centenary College
Speaking Topic: Staying is the new leaving
Tsun Sheng Ku ('90)
From Houma, LA now living in 
Billings, MT
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Chemestry - Spring Hill College
      Medical Doctorate - University of South Alabama
      Training in Infectious Diseases - University of New Mexico
Speaking Topic: How to determine what is the best career path for you;
      primers to help become financially savvy and sound.
Katie Murphy ('13)
From Kaplan, LA now living in J
ackson, MS
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Architecture - ULL
      Master's in Architecture - ULL
Speaking Topic: Designing for good and how architecture can better shape the lives that we live.
Annaliza Nieve ('91)
From Harvey, LA now living in 
 Newbury, MA
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Communication - Tulane University
Speaking Topic: How brand marketing is like online dating, how your everyday social media use is a viable skill.
Ikenna Okereke ('92)
From Alexandria, LA now living in 
Galveston, TX
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Biophysics - Johns Hopkins University
      Medical Doctorate - Washington University in St. Louis
Speaking Topic: Life as a surgeon, basic science reaserch, and how helpful LSMSA was to my career.
Jamie Spahn Sattler ('11)
From New Orleans, LA and living in New Orleans

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Neuroscience - USC
      Master's in Cell & Molecular Biology - Tulane University
Speaking Topic: Community science and opening research to people facing environmental injustice issues.
Alice Shikina ('89)
From Lafayette, LA now living in 
Oakland, CA
Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
      Fine Arts - Miami University
Speaking Topic: Improving your communications skills.