Dr. Steve Horton granted extension on Executive Director contract

Voted unanimously by the LSMSA Board of Directors.
The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) governing Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday to grant Executive Director Dr. Steven G. Horton a new five-year contract.
The announcement, made on Monday, June 17, took place at the Board of Directors quarterly meeting held at the school. The call was made after Board Member and Evaluation Committee Chair Ryan Jannise offered a motion to propose a new five year contract instead of extending his existing contract, which had two years remaining.
“My motion is made with our compliments, Dr. Horton, on a job very well done,” expressed Jannise.
“I am at LSMSA all the time, and I can tell you that Dr. Horton is the best that we could ever have hoped for,” said Board Chair Sharon T. Gahagan. “He is an exceptional leader. What he does in the community, what he does in the state, and what he has accomplished in the past three years is more than I think any of us thought could occur.”
Horton began his term as Executive Director in July 2016 after completing 28 years as a faculty member and senior administrator at Northwestern State University. He is the seventh Executive Director to serve the school.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Horton regarding his time at LSMSA, after receiving expressions of praise from the board. “This place is a blessing, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of my three years here.”
Once final contract terms are solidified between Horton and the Board, his new contract would begin July 1.
LSMSA is nationally recognized for the quality of its academic and student life programs, and serves 360 high-ability and highly-motivated sophomores, juniors, and seniors from throughout the state. Graduates are admitted to the nation's top universities, and because of articulation agreements with schools across the country, the majority of graduates can enter college with up to two years of credit earned. Northwestern State University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe offer LSMSA graduates the opportunity to earn an associate degree upon completion of LSMSA.
LSMSA’s governing Board of Directors includes 24 members, eight of which are gubernatorial appointments, which represent Louisiana residents, alumni, current and former faculty, state legislators, and state educational leaders.
The School will welcome its 37th incoming class this fall.
For more information, visit www.LSMSA.edu.