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Athletes awarded at LSMSA’s annual Athletic Banquet

Players from LSMSA's sports teams received recognition for their achievements and athletic prowess.
Natchitoches—Hard-working athletes from the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) were honored and awarded at the school’s annual Sports Banquet, held on Friday, May 10 in the school’s gymnasium.

Coach Dale Clingerman, the school’s coordinator of athletics and recreation, led the event which recognized players in all of LSMSA’s sports teams, as well as SLAMT participants and Athletics Department supporters.

The following students received awards at this year’s event:
  • Juan Cecchini (’19) - Boys’ Basketball Team Spirit Award
  • Heather Collier (’20) – The Service Award in Eagle Athletics
  • Jojo Deep (’19) - Boys’ Basketball Most Valuable Player, Scholar Athlete Award
  • Danielle Gonzalez (’19) - Girls’ Basketball Team Leader Award, Girls’ Volleyball Team Leader Award, Scholar Athlete Award
  • Kiran Kaur (’19) - Girls’ Volleyball Most Improved Player
  • Rachel Judson (’19) - Girls’ Basketball Most Valuable Player, Girls’ Volleyball Most Valuable Player, SLAMT Most Valuable Player, Athlete of the Year
  • Vrat Joshi (’19) - Soccer Team Leader Award
  • Robert Lombardino (’21) – Eagle Cup Intramural Sports Champion
  • Song LeJeune (’19) - Girls’ Volleyball Game Changer Award
  • Daniel Metzger (’19) - Boys’ Basketball Heart & Tenacity Award, Ultimate Frisbee Team Leader Award, Scholar Athlete Award, Athlete of the Year
  • Cooper Miller (’19) – Scholar Athlete Award
  • Tobi Ojemakinde (’19) - Girls’ Volleyball Most Improved Player
  • Martel Papillion (’19) - Boys’ Basketball Most Valuable Player, SLAMT Most Valuable Player
  • Ishika Patel (’19) - Ultimate Frisbee Team Leader Award
  • Shivam Shah (’19) - Boys’ Basketball Heart & Tenacity Award, Scholar Athlete Award
  • Joan Sporer (’19) - Girls’ Basketball Most Improved Player
  • Ben Walker (’19) – Scholar Athlete Award
Executive Director Emeritus Dr. Art Williams was the keynote speaker, and he expressed how important physical activity was for education.
“When you are doing good things for your body, you are doing good things for your brain,” said Williams.
Clingerman echoed the same sentiments, addressing the seniors as they begin their new journey into their college careers.
“Seniors, you have to continue to do what you do. A healthy body or a healthy mind is useless without the other,” said Clingerman.

Other award presentations were also given by Student Life Advisor (SLA) Cache' Haley, Associate Lecturer of Mathematics Randy Key, Coordinator of Enrollment Services Michael Sumner, Lecturer of Biology Dr. Jason Anderson and Instructor of Chemistry Dr. Christina Hillesheim, whom all served as coaches for various LSMSA teams. Also in attendance at the event was SLA Emily Duet, who serves as the coach for the cheerleading squad.

All coaches received a banner signed by athletes for all of their service to the school.

As a final surprise, Danielle Gonzalez gifted Coach Clingerman with a custom-made signed poster congratulations for his 25 years of service to LSMSA’s Athletics Department.

LSMSA is currently accepting applications for enrollment in the 2019-2020 school year. To apply, visit www.LSMSA.edu/apply.