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Four employees to be honored at retirement ceremony

Martha Knippers, Benny Mobley, Pam Moore and Marie Smith will be honored for their years of service at LSMSA.
Four retirees from LSMSA will have their careers celebrated at an honorary reception on Thursday, May 16.
The four employees to be honored are Martha Knippers, Benny Mobley, Pam Moore and Marie Smith.
Martha Knippers has provided LSMSA 16 years of service, originally working with the Louisiana Virtual School (LVS), which served over 4,000 students. After budgetary restructuring, Knippers took the reins under the rebrand of the LSMSA Virtual School and became the program’s director. The LSMSA Virtual School provides online courses to middle and high school students all across the state.
Benny Mobley has provided 10 years of service to LSMSA, working in the school’s Physical Plant. Starting as the school’s painter, he later became a maintenance worker for the school and has since helped with a multitude of supportive projects across campus. In 2010, Mobley was named the school’s Support Employee of the Year.
Pam Moore started at LSMSA as the administrative assistant to the registrar and remained as such until she was promoted to the position of registrar. She has helped usher in countless numbers of students over the years, helping to schedule, catalog and transcript courses for each individual student. Altogether, she has provided more than 28 years of service to the school.
Marie Smith has been the custodian of the main high school building for 20 years. She is known for greeting everyone she sees with a smile and a hearty “Hello.”

“She is the unsung hero of the school, making sure that our campus remains beautiful and ready for visitors at any time,” said Senior External Affairs Officer Thorn LaCaze.

The reception for the four employees will be held at 4:30 p.m. in Café 83, located in the school’s Center for Performance and Technology.