Anatomy class experiences high-tech machine at NSU

Anatomy students at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) were able to try out a high-tech piece of equipment at Northwestern State University (NSU). On Nov. 15, the class ventured over to NSU’s Biology Department to get first-hand experience with the college’s “Anatomage Table.”

The Anatomage is a virtual dissection table which allows students the opportunity to dissect a digital cadaver and isolate certain sections of the human body without the mess. NSU’s Biology department received the table earlier this summer.

“We are already using it in our Anatomy classes,” said NSU Biology Professor Jonathan Akin. “We are hoping to eventually use it for Physiology, Histology, and Comparative Anatomy courses as well.”

Onlookers are able to view the dissection process in real-time on monitors placed at the front of the class.

Allison Landry, department chair and principal lecturer of biology at LSMSA, brought her students in her Anatomy classes over to NSU’s Biology lab as a surprise. She stated that having access to equipment allowed for her students to dig deeper into human anatomy and help them discover parts of various systems that they may have touched on in class but were unable to view through two-dimensional renderings.

“I think the Anatomage table is a great learning tool that helps students visualize the complexity and interrelationships of the human body,” said Landry.

Having access to NSU’s equipment will now allow for students to have a more in-depth understanding of the human body and each of its individual components.

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