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Information regarding Senate Bill No.: 1

This communication is to inform you of the filing of Senate Bill No.: 1.
TO:      LSMSA Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Parents, and Friends
FROM:  Dr. Steve Horton, Executive Director
DATE:  February 3, 2017
RE:       Senate Bill No.:1
This communication is to inform you of the filing of Senate Bill No.: 1.
Senate Bill No.: 1 of Regular Session 2017 filed by Senator Thompson of Delhi, LA, on Jan. 30, 2017, proposes to rename LSMSA as the “Jimmy D. Long Sr. Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts”. (https://legis.la.gov/legis/BillInfo.aspx?i=231282)
Senator Thompson and (former) Representative Jimmy Long Sr. shared a long-standing friendship in the state legislature and thereafter.  Senate Bill No.: 1 would formally establish LSMSA as Jimmy Long’s legacy.  Anyone is welcome to submit comments or questions to Senator Francis Thompson, Senator Gerald Long, and/or respective legislators.
LSMSA has had and continues to have a strong relationship with the legislative and executive branches of state government for over 30 years.  Both have been supportive of LSMSA in fulfilling the mission of the school.  Currently, LSMSA is working closely with the legislature to finalize the $23 million capital request to begin construction on the new residence hall in early fall 2017. 
Additionally the school is working with its legislative delegation to minimize any mid-year cuts to the school's operating budget.  So far the school has been exempted from the cut that resolved last year's state fiscal deficit and is awaiting word on the status regarding the 2017 deficit/cut.
Below is an electronic link to an article from the Alexandria Daily Town Talk, which was published on Feb. 2, 2017.