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Sampling of Recent Graduation with Distinction Papers

“Anti-Inflammatory Drugs’ Targeting and Response Mechanisms: A Genetics Perspective” by Aryiana Moore, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Anderson
“Proximity-induced Ferromagnetism on a Topological Insulator Surface: Bi2Se3/EuS Heterostructures” by Jamin Kidd, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Dalling
“Analysis of Epstein-Barr Virus-Regulated Gene Expression Changes in Relation to LMP1-Mediated NF-kB Activation” by Christopher Carter, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Anderson
“Seeing Both Sides of the Coin: The Black Panther Party, the Weathermen, and the Aftermath of Exploitation” by Johnnette Johnson, Faculty Mentor: Kelly Lankford
“Synthesis of 2-(1-oxoethyl)-3,3-dimethyl-3H-indole from N-(2-iodophenyl)hydroxylamine” by
Jack Dalton, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Costin
“The Extraordinary Hero: A Short Film” by Kyle Frederick, Faculty Mentor: Mr. Chris King
“Comparing Phenotypic Variation in the Social Behavior of the Spider Anelosiums studiosus at Similar Latitudes but Different Longitudes” by Deborah Adeyemi, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Magaret Hodge
“The Role of Thermoregulation and Sexual Selection on Secondary Sexual Characteristics in the Male Fiddler Crabs Uca panacea and Uca pugilator” by Tori Hebert, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Margaret Hodge
“In Vivo and In Vitro Imaging of Amyloid-β Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease” by Hyeyon Kim, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Anderson
“Satya: Steganography Utilizing Individual Pixels” by Shiva Velingker, Faculty Mentor: Mr. Brad Burkman