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Jenny Schmitt

Jenny Schmitt (She, Her, Hers) is from Saint Louis, MO, and currently serves as the assistant director of Student Services at LSMSA, working with residence life, student activities, student organizations, community service/outreach, and discipline.
She has been at LSMSA for the last nine years; she started in the Fall of 2011 as a student life advisor and has held several different roles since. She is excited to see the IDEA Council move forward to find innovative ways to engage students (and faculty/staff) in dialogue and education on topics surrounding race, gender expression, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic difference. The students and campus community as a whole have a lot to learn and many areas, and finding ways to have open dialog about these topics will help to further understanding and enable the members of the community to treat each with respect and civility. She is passionate about working with underserved and disenfranchised members of the community through both educational efforts and community service. Currently, she is enrolled in a diversity and inclusion college certificate program to further her education on different best practices in diversity education and outreach. 

BA in French, Religious Studies, and Political Science from Rockhurst University- Kansas City, Missouri
MA in Higher Education Administration from Saint Louis University- Saint Louis, Missouri