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Paul Carter

Paul Carter ('91) works in research and development for Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.
Paul entered the US Navy and served as a Fire Controllman for seven years, including multiple deployments to the Persian Gulf. After leaving the Navy, he began working for Texas Instruments in various positions, including engineering and planning before starting his current position doing R&D for semiconductor packaging. In addition he has worked with Team RWB, a veterans service organization dedicated to helping veterans through physical and social activities. He currently serves as Chapter Captain for the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter.

He has been actively involved in LSMSA, organizing an On the Road event in Dallas, working in several Social Service Weekends (feeding everyone with his amazing BBQ), and spearheading a disaster response group to help alumni in Louisiana and Texas after floods and hurricanes.

Paul's goal is to expand ways of giving back to the school in more meaningful ways. “Bonds with people have been everlasting.” He lives in McKinney with his wife who is also an alumnus. His daughter attended Texas Academy of Math and Science, sister school of LSMSA.

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