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Grant Belgard, PhD, Treasurer

Dr. Grant Belgard ('04) is CEO of The Bioinformatics CRO, host of its eponymous podcast, senior director of bioinformatics at bit.bio, and co-founder of clock.bio.
A native of Baton Rouge and 2004 graduate of LSMSA, Grant quadruple majored in science subjects at Rice University. He earned a PhD from the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar with joint training at the National Institutes of Health, followed by postdoctoral training at UCLA and an Executive MBA at Quantic. Before founding The Bioinformatics CRO, Grant worked as a researcher at the University of Oxford and in the biotech industry. He lives with his wife and children near Orlando.

Grant has served as a director of Rotary clubs in Ohio and Florida, with experience as foundation and service projects chairs. He has participated in LSMSA's Connections Weekends and mentored a Distinction student.

At LSMSA, he was able to do many independent study classes, but “the social aspect was invaluable.” He wants to do more for the school and would like LSMSA to take advantage of new technologies to better leverage its extensive alumni network.

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