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Sterling Augustine

Sterling Augustine ('87) works as a Senior Software Engineer at Google in Palo Alto, California, where he works on compilers and runtimes for various programming languages including C++ and Python. 
Prior to Google he worked at a tiny microprocessor-design startup no one has ever heard of called Tensilica. Anyone using a printer or cell-phone in the 2000s likely used chips designed from this company, running software developed by tools Sterling wrote. He received his BA in Political Science and with minors in English and Communication at Brigham Young University, and an MSCS from Stanford University with a focus in Systems Programming.
A previous Connections Weekend speaker at LSMSA, Sterling started and continues to manage a list of LSMSA alumni working at Google--about ten at last count. While at LSMSA, he was Editor in Chief of The Renaissance. For fun, Sterling coaches girl’s middle-school basketball and plays the guitar.

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