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Health and Physical Education

Healthy minds thrive in healthy bodies. The health and physical education department provides opportunities to learn or refine skills in lifelong sports like tennis, swimming, team sports, or karate. The state-required course in health and wellness is often a surprise for students because it contains both physical and academic rigor. However, it can provide a solid base from which students make good decisions about nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

In addition to the curricular offerings of our health and physical education department, our athletics and recreation office coordinates interscholastic athletic teams, intramural sports, recreational activities, and various special events.
  • HE113 CL Health & Wellness

    One semester (½ unit of credit). Designed to encourage and promote lifestyles based on the importance of wellness through vigorous activities and good health habits. Topics shall include, but are not limited to, the following: a) health risks and their relationships to the quality of life and longevity, b) physical activity, c) weight control, d) cardiorespiratory conditioning, e) stress control, f) basic physiology, and g) nutrition. (NSU and ULM dual enrollment option.)
  • PE100 CL Lifetime Sports

    One semester (½ unit of credit). This course is designed to teach a variety of lifelong skills and activities to provide students with knowledge that is needed to stay physically active and healthy throughout life. Furthermore, this course is provided to give students a positive way of being physically and mentally active in life. Activities included in this class may include (due to weather, availability, and class choice): dynamic warm-ups, agility training, yoga, tiger-ball, volley-games, tennis, bowling, water safety, water activities, and frisbee games. Cooperation with other students in class will be needed in order for class to get through activities. (NSU dual enrollment option.)
  • PE110 CL Weight Training

    One semester (½ unit of credit). The importance of strength, conditioning, and flexibility is quite evident in today’s society to living a healthy life. The goals of this class are to provide an all-around knowledge to the details of a safe, efficient, and productive strength training program. Safety, time efficiency, and intensity will be the backbone of our weight training class. Students will be given the knowledge to be able to improvise with facility availability and equipment while getting the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.
  • PE115 CL Karate

    One semester (½ unit of credit). Beginning training program in taekwondo. Knowledge of techniques, traditional forms, one-step sparring, self-defense applications, and semi-freestyle sparring is emphasized. Opportunity to advance rank. (NSU dual enrollment option.)
  • PE120 CL Core Exercises

    One semester (½ unit of credit). The core consists of the abdominals, low back, obliques, and hips, and is the center of all movement, which means core training is extremely important. A strong core may help prevent hip and lower back injuries (which are common among taller people and age), as well as enhance performance in movement. This course will provide student with a great knowledge in all forms of core exercises while implementing a high intense and fun environment. Students will be challenged and will be expected to push each other to perform to the best of his or her ability.
  • PE125 CL Beginning Tennis

    One semester (½ unit of credit). Basic skills including forehand, backhand, serve, footwork, racket preparation, and rules. Match play. Video analysis
  • PE150 CL Body Movement

    One semester  (½ unit of credit). Increasing cardio-vascular endurance and strengthening core muscles by developing qualities of power, sharpness and quickness of movement. The student will learn body control, dynamics, and projection of movement. *All Dance Courses Can Be Taken for PE Credit (Body Movement) Except Dance Ensemble.
  • PE160 CL Yoga

    1/2 Unit. Offered Every Semester.  This course is designed to teach a variety of asanas to the beginner student. Additional focus will
    be on breath work, meditation, journaling, and yoga philosophy. Students are expected to fully engage in all assignments, postures, and self-reflections.

  • PE165 CL Self-Defense/Non-Competitive Boxing

    1/2 unit. Offered Every Semester. Beginning level self defense; offensive and defensive maneuvers; physiological components of noncompetitive boxing training.
  • PE265 CL Adv. Self-Defense/Non-Competitive Boxing

    1/2 unit.  Offered as needed. Advanced application of best boxing methodologies mastered in the introductory course, focusing on standardization and improvement of fundamentals while developing a unique boxing style.

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