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  • Jason Church

    Art conservation topic of Science Speaker Series

    A representative from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training spoke to students at LSMSA about art conservation during the Science Speaker Series held Friday, Sept. 23, in the recital hall of the Center for Performance and Technology.
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  • Olivia Gotte ('18)

    "When I saw all of the educational opportunities, I knew LSMSA was what I wanted and needed to feed my hunger for knowledge."
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  • Lt. Mark Stacy and Jake Stultz ('18)

    Air Force ROTC recruiter visits campus

    A recruiter from the Air Force ROTC spoke with students at LSMSA on Thursday, Sept. 22, in the lobby of the Center for Performance and Technology.
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LSMSA's New Leader

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

"Today, I challenge you to take a daring adventure with me, and I assure you that you are in store for the ride of your life!"

Meet LSMSA's seventh Executive Director, Dr. Steve Horton.