Scholarship Winners 2018

We enjoyed reading all of the essays submitted for the 2018 Summer @LSMSA Scholarship Contest. Scholarship winners will receive a full scholarship to attend one week of camp. It was a close contest. Because of the quality and number of submissions, we decided to include Honorable Mention Winners! Honorable Mentions received a $100 scholarship to attend camp. Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 essay contest!  

Scholarship Winners:
Lillian Blanchard, Raceland Middle School - "An Unscripted Visit"
Andre Campbell, J.H. Williams Middle School - "The Washing Tube"
Alexandria Kurtz, N.P. Trist Middle School - "Penalty Equity"

Honorable Mentions:
Billy J. Anderson, Homeschool - "Artficially Intelligent Bees: AIBEEs"
David Landon, Webb Bridge Middle School - "Ending Internet Censors"
Heavyn Lei Westley, J.H. Williams Middle School - "The Evolution of Kids"

2018 Scholarship Topics

Below are the topics for our 2018 essay contest. They will give you an idea of the types of essays we look for in scholarship submissions.

Prospective campers will pick one of the topic and submit a creative and well-thought-out argumentative essay for an opportunity to win a one-week scholarship to attend the camp.

We hope to announce scholarship essay topics in January 2019. 


1. You're a young tech/engineering entrepreneur and you've created what you think is the next billion dollar idea. What is your invention? What real world problem does it solve? Who would use your product? How will you get the word out? 

2. You've recently been elected to United States Congress. As a newly elected official, what law or ordinance would you like to see implemented or removed? Who is effected by your new law? What benefit does it serve, and how can this change be positive for America?

3. It's the present day, and you just woke up to find that it's your 101st birthday! The local news station wants to interview you as one of the oldest in your community. As someone who has more than a century of knowledge, what things do you say about "kids these days?" What are their strengths and their weaknesses? How are kids these days different from previous generations? 


In a word processing document, please choose one of the topics above and submit a well-prepared essay.

At the top of your first page, please include the following:

Camper's Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Current Grade Level, Current School

Title of Essay


Essays will be judged on creativity, composition, and clarity by a committee of LSMSA Faculty.


Email your essay to by March 1, 2018.

Scholarship FAQ

What does it cover?
The Summer @LSMSA Scholarship covers the $425 ($399 ER) registration cost for an overnight camper or the $325 ($299 ER) registration cost for a day camper. This includes all meals, activities, course materials, and lodging (if applicable). It does not cover additional snacks or merchandise purchased during camp.

Where does the money come from?
Scholarships are awarded using any available funds from the previous year.

Who is eligible?
All prospective campers are invited to apply for one of our available scholarships.

Does this register me for camp?
No. You must still complete the registration form. If you have already completed registration and are awarded a scholarship, you will receive a reimbursement for your registration fee.

Will I get the week I want?
We will make every effort to place you in to the session and courses you want, but unfortunately, space is limited and available spots fill quickly. If you are already registered for a specific week of camp, this does not apply.

When are essays due?
All entries should be submitted by March 1.