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LSMSA students awarded for performance on National Classical Etymology Exam

Congratulations to 17 Latin students at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) who were recognized for their performance on the online National Classical Etymology Exam in December.
“We wish all our Latinists fortunam bonam as they prepare for the big one, the National Latin Exam, next week,” said Dr. Morris Tichenor, associate lecturer of Latin and Greek.

The NCEE tests the students' knowledge of the Latin and Greek roots of English words.

“Etymology is a core part of our early Latin curriculum,” Dr. Tichenor explained. “Learning where English words come from, how words change as they are passed from one language to another, and how one word can take on many different meanings over time. The goal that the students hear me repeat each lesson is to "increase their wordhord” (Old English for “vocabulary")."

Gold Medalists:
Dakoda Rapinchuk (Latin I)
Nathaniel Vise (Latin I)

Silver Medalists:
Sofia Adams-Giron (Latin II)
McKenzie Barker (Latin I)
Ragan Penix (Latin I)
Sunny Yusufji (Latin I)

Bronze Medalists:
Cohl Cliburn (Latin I)
Simone Greenup (Latin I)
Leighanna Kain (Latin III)
Kamryn Keys (Latin I)
Isabella Le (Latin II)
Isabella Leslie (Latin I)
Kate Long (Latin I)
Kyler Naquin (Latin II)
Basil Pugh (Latin I)
Grayce Rhodes (Latin II)
Allison Viator (Latin II)

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