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Even in pandemic, parents see benefits of LSMSA education

Between recent graduate Edouard (‘18) and current junior Julia (‘22), Christine and Andy Ferrell are all too familiar with LSMSA. This year, of course, they’re learning something new: how to parent an LSMSA student in a pandemic, at home. Still, Christine can see similarities between Julia’s mid-pandemic education and Edouard’s a few years ago. 
“It’s hard to see kids having to navigate distance learning,” Christine says. “But we know from experience that it can also be hard when they’re at school and they have so much responsibility -- including figuring out things like laundry, when and what to eat, and how to juggle classes and extracurricular activities.”

The Ferrells realized how much Edouard’s hard work at LSMSA paid off when his classes and workload as a freshman at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette (ULL) were easier to manage than he expected.

“We can promise our fellow parents that all of that stress about writing hard papers in high school will be worth it once they’re in college,” said Christine.

Today, Edouard is a Dean’s Scholar junior in ULL’s BFA Performing Arts Theatre Design and Technology Program thanks to an all-expense-paid Jeffrey Caffery scholarship. Julia currently represents LSMSA as the Future Business Leaders of America District III Vice President, has participated in LSMSA’s Dance Ensemble, and dreams of a career in medicine. 

“We’re thrilled about what Louisiana School offers and have benefited from the many ways contributions to the Foundation support all LSMSA students,” said Christine, who currently serves as Vice President of the LSMSA Parents’ Council. “That’s why we wanted to give back.”

It was during a Parents’ Council event that Christine first became aware of the 1983 Society, supporters recognized by the Foundation for helping the school foster a tradition of philanthropy with annual contributions of $1,983 or more. 

To join the Ferrells in supporting the school, click here. If you are interested in becoming a member of the 1983 Society or have questions for the Foundation, please email [email protected] or call 318.357.2558.