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Student Spotlight - Ashleigh Zaidain

We would like to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing members of our LSMSA community.
Meet Ashleigh Zaidain of Laplace, LA. A Junior this year, Ashleigh was drawn to LSMSA by her love of adventure.

"I want to study abroad, and LSMSA gives me the best opportunities to do that," she said. And though her parents were reluctant to have Ashleigh leave the country, LSMSA was a good alternative.

She loves science, especially biophysics, and wants to study bioterrorism and biological weapons. She's even applying to write a dissertation over the summer!

So what happens after LSMSA for Ashleigh?

"I want to get my undergraduate in state, so probably LSU or Tulane, but I really want to go to Columbia and Johns Hopkins and become an oral surgeon."

Ashleigh is highly motivated to achieve her dreams, saying that the feeling of getting a good grade on a paper is one of the best feelings here.

"You go to the best school in the state and getting an A just proves your hard work payed off." Ashleigh said. "I'm not naturally smart, and a lot of people think you have to be naturally smart to go here," she continued. "If you put in a lot of hard work you can make it here."

Be like Ashleigh, and follow your dreams at LSMSA. Begin your application now!