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Each Spring, the graduating classes of LSMSA compete for bragging rights in the Alumni Challenge as we come together to support the LSMSA Foundation.  Recognition is given to the classes with the highest dollars raised, as well as the highest percentage of the class making a gift.  An additional category was added in 2018 to recognize the class that has the highest percentage of classmates who are members of the LSMSA Foundation (those making an annual contribution of $100 or more).  The winning classes each year are listed on the Alumni Challenge plaque that is displayed on the first floor in the High School Building.

    • Alumni Challenge as of 7.1.19

      Alumni Challenge as of 7.1.19

Previous Winners

Year Dollars Raised Winner Participation Winner
2012 Class of 1985
Class of 1992
2013 Class of 1993
Class of 1992
2014 Class of 1994
Class of 1992
2015 Class of 1990
Class of 1992
2016 Class of 1991
Class of 1992
2017 Class of 1989
Class of 1992
2018 Class of 1998
Class of 1992

Alumni Challenge FAQs

List of 11 items.

Why I Give

I give to LSMSA for our future, and in recognition of the opportunities I was given.
~Rachel Stanley ('88)

I give because I want to help others experience and benefit from the high quality education, individual growth opportunities, and lifelong friendships that LSMSA gave to me.
~ Seema Patel ('96)

I give to LSMSA so that other students in Louisiana can have the opportunities to succeed that I had.
~ Sara Lang ('09)