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I.D.E.A. Fund

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Fund exists to make the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts a warm and welcoming, positive and nurturing, and accepting and supportive environment for all. It seeks to ensure that the LSMSA community is inclusive for all.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the Foundation's largest and most critical source of support for LSMSA. Dollars from the Annual Fund allow the Foundation to address the school's ongoing and varying needs each year, providing flexibility and new resources to LSMSA's students, faculty, staff.

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The Richard G. Brown Fund for Faculty Advancement

This fund provides annual grants to faculty and staff for their personal growth and professional development. Named in honor of the late Dr. Richard G. Brown, the school’s second executive director, it enriches the LSMSA community by supporting our exceptional faculty and staff.

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Excel Fund

This fund provides crucial financial assistance to students selected for the EXCEL program. EXCEL students have shown the dedication necessary to succeed at LSMSA, but they are from schools or communities that are under-resourced. In some cases, they meet criteria for being considered “at risk.” The EXCEL program gives these students individualized attention, preparing them for the rigors of the full LSMSA curriculum.

Praecellemus Fund

The Praecellemus Fund brings visiting scholars, artists and researchers from around the country to the LSMSA campus in Natchitoches. Nationally renowned experts discuss their work with students and faculty, bringing new dimensions to the learning experience. This fund was established to honor the work of Bro. David Sinitiere, the school’s fifth executive director.

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Student Enrichment Fund

This fund is dedicated to enhancing the LSMSA living/learning environment by expanding educational opportunities for all students, such as providing travel support for academic competitions and field trips; funding mental health and well-being initiatives; and assisting students with financial need, such as room-and-board assistance and funding of last resort for small but critical expenses.

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