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Support everything you love about LSMSA.

The LSMSA Foundation is essential to maintaining a critical edge in recruiting, engaging and supporting both students and faculty. Under the direction and management of a Board of Trustees, goals and policies are set, funds are raised and investments are managed such that assets have grown to more than $1.2 million. Annual allocations of at least $250,000 provide opportunities for LSMSA faculty, staff and students and demonstrate the Foundation's dedication to LSMSA. 

LSMSA's success is enhanced by continued commitment from alumni, families and friends who support the school with financial and in-kind donations. This portion of the website is devoted to showing you how your generosity will have a lasting impact on today's students and countless generations to come.

Why I Give

Attending LSMSA provided me with excellent experiences and enabled me to meet some wonderful people who have had a wonderful impact on my life. I give back in order for others to have some of the same experiences and opportunities that I have.
~Nolan Huguet ('91)