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Board Meetings

Upcoming Board of Directors Meeting

September 28, 2020     1:00 PM

Representative Jimmy D. Long, Sr. Boardroom and via ZOOM
Livestream at https://livestream.com/accounts/7024122/events/9319377

 -- ROLL CALL --
  1. Approval of June 15, 2020, Board Minutes (requires Board action)
  2. Approval of June 24, 2020 / July 22, 2020 Executive Committee Minutes (requires Board action)
  3. Call for Public Comment                                      
  4. Introduction of New Board Members
  5. Receive report from Executive Director regarding investigative proceedings regarding allegations of misconduct (La. R.S. 42:17 A. (4).*
  6. Executive Director’s Report
  7. Approval of Proposed Funding Formula for FY22 (Agenda Item 7 Exhibit 1) (requires Board action)
  8. Approval of Budget for FY21 (Agenda Item 8 Exhibit 1) (requires Board action)
  9. Approval of Use of EEF Funds for FY21 School Year (Agenda Item 9 Exhibit 1); (requires Board action)
  10. Report from the Faculty (Agenda Item 10 Exhibit 1)  
  11. Report from IDEA Committee (Agenda Item 11 Exhibit 1)                     
  12. Division Reports
      1. CoS--Operations (Agenda Item 12 Exhibit 1)
      2. Academic Services (Agenda Item 12 Exhibit 2)
      3. Enrollment and Student Services (Agenda Item 12 Exhibit 3)
      4. LSMSA Foundation (Agenda Item 12 Exhibit 4)
  13. Other Business: Tentative Dates for Future Board Meetings – December 7, 2020; March 15, 2021; June 14, 2021 (all at 1:00 p.m.)

*An Executive Session pursuant to La. R.S 42:16 may be held upon an affirmative vote, taken at an open meeting of two-thirds of the Board members present.
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact Anne Lucas at 318.357.2500 or [email protected], describing the assistance that is necessary.
Pursuant to the requirements of La. R.S. 42:7, matters not included on the agenda posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting will not be considered unless the board members present vote unanimously to add the item to the agenda.
Anyone wishing to comment on an agenda item on which the Board will vote must submit such Public Comment before 1:00 p.m. Sept. 28, 2020, by contacting Anne Lucas at 318.357.2500 or [email protected]. or by submitting to the Board Chair prior to the beginning of the meeting. Persons submitting a comment shall be afforded the opportunity to speak to the agenda item identified on the card via phone by Friday, September 25, at 4:00 p.m.
Wearing of masks is required for all persons attending the meeting in person.