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Daechul Sohn, Class of 1990, is a senior engineer at Google



I am currently a SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) for Google's Gmail.  My team is responsible for making sure Gmail is "healthy".  So, the next time you are having problems with your Gmail, you can be sure that my team is working diligently to get the problems resolved.

Twenty years after graduating from LSMSA, I still have vivid memories of my living/learning experience there, and I can safely say -- some of the best memories of my life are from my LSMSA years.


- Daechul

In July, Pat and Betsy Widhalm had a great visit with Daechul. Pat presented Daechul with a DVD of his memorable senior piano recital. Even during lunch, Daechul is working to keep your g-mail in top shape. Shots of the famous Google campus. Outside the famous cafeteria Who are you calling a dinosaur?
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