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Alumni Association July Social/Service Weekend



Come home to LSMSA for the Alumni Association's Social/Service Weekend III July 16-18, 2010. Social/Service is an opportunity to connect with alumni from all of the school's graduating classes for giftie fun and service to the school. Families are welcomed.
The social part of our weekend is a return to giftie life. Most people will arrive on Friday evening, July 16th. "Social Hour" extends from 5:00 pm-midnight. Housing in Caddo is free and recreates the joys of living with each other. And yes, guys can honestly say they spent the night in Caddo. :) Shared meals with co-op cooking and clean-up keep our food costs to $10 per person for the entire weekend. Meals from Friday's supper through Sunday brunch are part of the weekend.
The "Service" part comes during the day on Saturday, July 17th. Our service projects this year will focus in two areas. We will continue the move into the new Center for Performance & Technology (CPT) and transitioning spaces that were vacated in the CPT's openings. We will also be assembling textbook sets for the students so they can be prepared for their first day of class. The moving project requires heavy lifting and the use of alumni trucks and trailers. The textbook project is not as physically taxing and can accomodate a range of abilities. The third volunteer team runs "Future GiftieLand" with parental co-op childcare so alumni with children under 12 can participate in the weekend. Children over 12 are put to work on an age-appropriate and adult-supervised team.
Saturday evening brings another Social Hour(s). There is another shared meal and usually an impromptu trek through campus to relive our memories. We'll hang out on the Caddo deck or in the lobby.
After Saturday's fun, we wrap up the weekend with Sunday morning brunch and the final good-byes. We normally hit the road around 1:00 pm...ready to relive the experience on facebook as soon as we get home.
To register: Email Catherine Credeur ('89), LSMSAAA's Natchitoches liaison, at
catherinecredeur@hotmail.com. Include your name, email address, class year, and the names of any guests. If you are bringing children, please give their name and age so we can plan appropriately for co-op childcare and junior work teams. Indicate whether you prefer the moving team, textbook team, or childcare team.
To pack: Linens for an extra-long twin bed or a sleeping bag, your towels and toiletries, and clothes appropriate for physical labor. It can be cold in the dorms, so pack a blanket and a jacket. Don't forget your camera. Having ipods for music as we work adds to the fun. Load your "era" songs and your current faves. You may also want to bring your yearbooks for reminiscing and board/card games for Social Hour. We always need a few trucks and trailers for the moving team. Let me know if you will come "equipped". $10 per person in cash or check made payable to LSMSAAA subsidizes the cost of our meals.

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