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Alumni Service Weekend - Book It!



Alumni Gather for Service to the School and Social Time

Alumni and their families gathered on the weekend of July 17-19 for a time of service to LSMSA and social time with each other. Social/Service Weekend is a relatively new tradition. It was instituted by LSMSAAA in 2008 to bring alumni from all classes together to enhance the school we love. The 2009 event was originally planned to focus on the move into the new Center for Performance & Technology (CPT). When construction delays necessitated a change in the move-in date, alumni were eager to keep the July 17th-19th plans. For many alumni, it was a mini-reunion that they did not want to miss. We compromised with two dates to accommodate people who could not return for the rescheduled move.

Social/Service 2009, Part I focused on a mix of facility needs and the organization of textbooks for the coming semester. We finished preparing classrooms for painting by the school’s painter, exchanged worn mattresses for new ones in Caddo, and have textbooks in lockers and ready for the sophomores and juniors.

Although we accomplished a great deal for the school, we also had fun working together and hanging out in Caddo. Friday night felt like many of our Friday nights as LSMSA students as we shared pizzas and played board games. Saturday night included supper and more visiting in the Caddo lobby. Sunday morning we said our goodbyes after a leisurely breakfast.

Part I was a multi-generational giftie event, with participants representing classes 1987-2009 and possible future gifties. Co-op childcare allowed alumni to bring their children for the weekend to start the “early indoctrination process”. Participants included Ed Dodge; Laura Monk; David and Edie Bushnell Dougherty with children Chloe, Aiden, and Brendan; Rachel Hughes with daughter Siobahn; Joseph Dunn and wife Leslie; Catherine Credeur; Ryan Crawford; Lori Gass Lincoln; Bethany Cazalas Willis with husband Patrick and children Jack, Abigail, and Samuel; Tesia Stanaland Albarado with children Anastasia and Aleksandra; Celia Mangham; Andrew Weeks; Matthew Couvillion; Mark and Josephine Ngo McKelvy with daughter Cordelia; Agnes Hall; and Amelia Hall.

We are looking forward to Part II on July 31-August 2. Tasks for Part II will include moving furniture and boxes from the dorms and HSB to the CPT and also organizing textbooks for the seniors. We will have jobs with a range of physical demands from sit-down/light duty to significant lifting. We will also offer co-op childcare again. Housing is free in Caddo. Communal cooking keeps our meal costs to $10 per person for the entire weekend. All giftie alumni and their families are welcome. Email Catherine Credeur, LSMSAAA Natchitoches liaison, at catherinecredeur@hotmail.com. Include your name, class year, names of guests, and ages of children you are bringing.

A fresh coat of paint on the 2nd floor. Books will be in lockers awaiting the students' blood, sweat, and tears. Future Gifties
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