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Mary Hollis, Class of 2002, is now Sister Mary Aquanis


Mary Hollis, also class of 2002, is now a nun at the St.Frances de Chantal Convent in the Bronx.  She is actually still a novice, not quite a full-blown nun yet.  She is now known as Sister Mary Aquanis.

Her convent caters especially to pregnant young women with nowhere else to go.  She has taken a vow of poverty and is learning all sorts of new trades to help the Convent be self-sustaining.  In a recent letter she was very excited that she was learning how to change the oil and tires and perform general maintenance on the van belonging to the convent.  She is also in charge of keeping the chapel in order so she gets to work very closely with the host and all of the very holy things.  This is a job that she is very happy about because she feels that it keeps her closest to Jesus. 

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