Research & Opportunity

Our philosophy at LSMSA is that all students should graduate with an impressive resume of accomplishments that go beyond the diploma itself, helping to increase the likelihood for the best scholarships. A strong resume will be supported by a list of high-level accomplishments, which start with student goal setting and seeking out opportunities.

Research - Done internally or at a university over the summer, research is certainly one way for students to maximize and build up their resume, and Mr. Brad Burkman and Dr. Chris Hynes work with students who desire summer internships by identifying specific locations or research areas that fit with their goals or career interests. 

Advanced Placement Tests - Advanced Placement Exams are three-hour subject exams used to assess a student’s grasp of college level material.  Actual college credit is awarded to students who do well.  AP Exams are administered at LSMSA each year in May.

Graduation with Distinction - Graduation with Distinction is a recognition of a student's accomplishments that requires planning and achievement beyond the LSMSA classroom.

Future Scientist Program - The Future Scientist Program is designed for students at LSMSA who desire to become tomorrow’s scientists and engineers.  The program provides for a balance between academic and extracurricular science activities in a structured and carefully monitored environment.