Faculty & Staff Contact List

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  • Audra Allen

    M.F.A. from University of Arizona - Associate Lecturer, Dance
  • Emily Allen

    Ph.D. from University of North Texas - Instructor, English, Folio
  • John Allen

    Director of Finance and Operations, MPA from University of Illinois at Chicago - Adjunct, Public Administration
  • David Andersen

    M.S. from Purdue University - Senior Lecturer, Math, Computer Science
  • Jason Anderson

    Ph.D. from Texas A&M University - Associate Lecturer, Biology
  • Scott Atkins

    Ph.D. from Louisiana Tech University - Instructor, Physics
  • Rose Baker

    Nurse's Assistant
  • Bradley Bankston

    Ph.D. from Louisiana State University - Instructor, English
  • Stephanie Barger

    Student Life Advisor
  • Madison Barras

    Student Life Advisor
  • Angie Beaudoin

    Office Manager
  • Al Benner

    D.M.A. from Louisiana State University - Principal Lecturer, Instrumentals, Theory and Composition
  • Lisa Benner

    M.M. from Louisiana State University - Senior Lecturer, Voice, Chorale
  • Susan Bernath

    Student Life Advisor
  • John Birch

    Director of Admissions & Outreach
  • Carisa Blade

    Internal Operations Specialist
  • Brad Burkman

    M.A. from State University of New York, Buffalo - Principal Lecturer, Math, Computer Science
  • Kim Cain

    Personal Counselor, NCC, CI
  • Josh Chambers

    Adjunct, Visual Art
  • Dale Clingerman

    Coordinator of Athletics and Recreation
  • Stephen Costin

    Ph.D. University of Missouri St. Louis - Associate Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Robert Dalling

    Ph.D. from New Mexico State University - Lecturer, Physics
  • Kimberly Rogers Davis

    Student Life Advisor
  • Jocelyn Donlon

    Ph.D. from University of Illinois - Associate Lecturer, English
  • Crystal Evans

    External Affairs Officer, Yearbook
  • Victor Feske

    Ph.D. from Yale University - Senior Lecturer, History
  • Pamela Francis

    Ph.D. from Rice University - Instructor, English
  • Linda Gleason

    M.S. from University of Louisiana, Lafayette - Adjunct, Math
  • Prem Gongaju

    M.Div. from Boston University School of Theology and M.A.T. from Keene State College - Adjunct Humanities, Student Life Advisor
  • Raj Gongaju

    Office Manager
  • Casey Green

    A.B.D. from University of Connecticut - Instructor, History
  • Elizabeth Hall

    Ph.D. from University of North Carolina - Principal Lecturer, Latin, Greek
  • Link Hall

    Ph.D. from University of North Carolina - Senior Lecturer, English
  • Carey Hendrix

    Administrative Assistant - College Counseling Center
  • Margaret Hodge

    Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati - Lecturer, Biology
  • Dorothy Holden

  • Steve Horton

    Executive Director
  • Chris Hynes

    Student Research Advisor Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University - Senior Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Jackie Jacoby

    Administrative Assistant - Student Services
  • Leroy James

    Student Life Advisor
  • Kayla James

    Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant
  • Arlen Jeffery

    Ph.D. from the University of Iowa - Instructor, Chemistry
  • Charles Jones

    D.M.A. University of Texas at Austin - Senior Lecturer, Piano
  • Randy Key

    M.S. from University of Louisiana Lafayette - Instructor, Math, Computer Science
  • Kristi Key

    Director of Academic Services
  • Sheila Kidd

    Human Resource Officer
  • Chris King

    M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts - Lecturer, Visual Art
  • Erin King

    Administrative Assistant - Executive Director
  • Gretchen Klobucar

    LSMSA Foundation Assistant Director
  • Martha Knippers

    Assistant Director of Online Learning
  • Thorn LaCaze

    Senior External Affairs Officer, Newspaper
  • Allison Landry

    Ph.D. from Louisiana State University - Lecturer, Biology
  • Kelly Lankford

    Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma - Associate Lecturer, History
  • Leah Lentz

    Co-Director of College Counseling Center, NCC, LPC, NCSC, M.A.
  • Henry Llorence

    Supervisor of Physical Plant
  • Jennifer Mangum

    M.S. from the University of Kentucky - Principal Lecturer, Math
  • Doreen Martin

    Office Manager
  • Mike McGrath

    M.S. from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Senior Lecturer, Math
  • Annie Mitchell

    Administrative Assistant - Academic Services
  • Benny Mobley

    Maintenance Repairer
  • Pam Moore

    Registrar - Academic Services
  • Rolanda Myers

    Assistant Director for Academic Services
  • Andrew Nieman

    Student Life Advisor
  • Kenneth Olson

    Ph.D. from Texas Tech University - Senior Lecturer, Russian and German, Fine Arts Survey
  • Sanjeetha Peters

    M.S. from West Virginia University - Senior Lecturer, Math, Computer Science
  • Ruth Prudhomme

    Assistant Director of Fiscal Affairs, Comptroller
  • Laurie Richard

    Co-Director of College Counseling Center, NCC, LPC, NCSC, M.A.
  • Angela Robinson

    Assistant Director of Development & External Relations
  • Jenny Schmitt

    Coordinator of Student Engagement
  • Maria Sanchez

    Ph.D. from University of MA, Amherst - Senior Lecturer, Spanish
  • John Shore

    Coordinator of Residence Life, Assistant Director of Student Services
  • Emily Shumate

    Director of Student Services, M.S. from Northwestern State University - Adjunct, Psychology
  • Marie Smith

  • Jacob Spielbauer

    M.S. from Northwestern State University - Associate Lecturer, Physical Education
  • Kyle Stephens

    Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee - Instructor, History
  • Ken Stevens

    B.S. from Northwestern State University - Lab Technician
  • Chuck Stoker

    Campus Project Manager and Safety Officer
  • Michele Stover

    Ph.D from University of Alabama - Instructor, Chemistry
  • John Sturman

    IT Manager
  • Mary Teekell

  • Jeff Thomakos

    M.F.A. from Wayne State University - Associate Lecturer, Theatre
  • Katja Thomakos

    LSMSA Foundation Director
  • Lucille Washington

  • Mary Bess Wiggers

    Student Life Advisor
  • Jim Willson

    Student Life Advisor
  • David Wood

    Ph.D. from Duke University - Senior Lecturer, French
  • David Zolzer

    M.B.A. from Webster University - Lecturer, Computer Science